Power Plant




Development of 100MW Power Plant in Ugbenu, Awka North Local Government Area, Anambra State and the Development of Gas Fields on Orient Petroleum Resources Plc’s Licensed Area in Anambra State (Installed Capacity 124MW)



  • This BUSINESS plan is SETUP by AGFIP Management in order to acquaint and familiarize shareholders and fund providers with the new investment that Anambra Gas Fired IPP Co. Limited and Orient Petroleum Resources Plc (the “Companies”) are venturing into.
  • The project is the development of a 124 megawatts power plant in Ugbenu, Awka North Local Government Area, Anambra State and the development of it’s gas field AT THE SAME LOCTION.



  • Nigeria as a DEVELOPING country is facing so many challenges and one of the major challenge which is setting the country back towards its economic growth is inadequate electricity.
  • Nigeria needs upto 180,000 megawatts of electricity according to statistics inorder to satisfy her energy demands. Only about 4,500 megawatts is of electricity is currently been generated in the country. This major issue has lead to the closure of some businesses in the country due to high cost of operating self generated electricity by some companies and businesses.



  • AGFIP intends to  commence  with  the  initial  scheme  which  is  to  install  first  a   124MW  plant alongside with the development of alo-1 gas field.  This is  to  ensure  delivery  of  a  constant Net  Electrical  output  of  100MW  on  132KV  voltage  level  to TCN Transmission  station  at  Agu-Awka. The Future plan of company Is to install 1,000 Mw that will feed both locally and internationally.
  • Gas is a  major  input  required  for  power  generation  in  a  gas  fired  power  plant   facility of which alo-1  gas field  has  proven  gas  reserves  to  support  a  2,000MW  gas  fired  power  plant for over a  100year period.




                                 Who will benefit from this project?


  • · Efficiently generating  electricity
  • · Relatively cheap  energy
  • · Protection against  the  unreliable    supply  of  fuel
  • · Income savings  through  the  reduction  in  the  cost  of  self-generating  powe


  • · Opportunity to  invest  in  an  emerging  market
  • · To create value      for    owners      of    the    company     through      expansion      of   current      business  (“production    and    refining  element    of  the    value    chain”)   thereby    increasing    its  competitive  advantage.
  • · Increase shareholders’  wealth  through  projected  revenues  from  the  project.

Overall  Economy

  • · To support  the  Federal  and  Regional  Government  in  achieving  the objectives of  the  Nigerian  &  West  African  Gas  Master  Plan.
  • · To contribute  in  Nigeria’s  drive  towards  a  sustainable  industrialization   process.
  • Create employment and  steady  income  opportunities  for  skilled  and    semiskilled  individuals.
  • · On full  completion  of  the  project,    about    100    direct  jobs  as  well  as  300   indirect  jobs  will  be  created.
  • · A new lease  of  life  will  be  brought  to  rural  areas  which  are  not  near  the  gas pipelines.
  • · Source of  revenue  for  government  through  taxes  etc.
  • · Increased and  healthy  competition  in  the  power  and  energy  industry

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